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ROTTING EMPIRE Old tragedy commands them A fatal dream inspires The vicar waits in silence Blood army leads the way Pictures from an old crypt Dark secrets never die Oh come before the sunrise Where is this paradise? When will the prophets call us Or will we walk alone We flee a rotting empire Decay defines their laws Old veterans are weeping While evil clowns are laughing A poem from a widow The silence of the mob “rotting empire”
VEIL 05:07
-Veil- Welcome to my night destiny? Solitude my refuge. Mother of God be with me... ...through this valley of tears. Lazarus where are you? Heaven breaks through hell! I pray, and I weep Send us a Good Shepherd, never let us sleep. Face upon a veil, heal my stony heart. Veronica, behold the face of Love. Break through the night. Walking through this valley, filled with sorrow and doubt. Choosing to believe, even in this dark night. Carry me, I cannot even breathe. Lift my dying spirit. Break through the night.
WOMB TO THE TOMB Here’s a story of a damaged old town Plastic souls and melting rubber faces The mayor sold his own family to slavery Melancholic pastor courting ‘Lady Despair’ “The wicked are estranged from the womb”. (PS 58) R/ Night-where is your son? Fright-forever ours Passion-when truth is sold Misery-another stain Wisdom-she weeps in vain Light-where is the Son? Bridge: No one knows where that river flows The blood of martyrs and native Angels Disease takes over an entire tribe The elders are hiding their bloody crimes Awake and come now I say Look at their faces, they’re made of clay Mystical ventures for aging shamans Wisdom and her offspring have left the land Hear the choir of innocents An ancient peoples have folded their tents Justice is blind and so are we Our souls are fractured and now we’re free Here’s a story of a decrepit old town Brought to ruins by a diabolical clown They watched their village burn They sold fallacies in return And now a lowly one takes a crown.
BLEEDING DOVE They feed us lies and lead us to doom The edge of pain and sorrow fill a room Another victim weeps and feeds the night Obsession, dark confession fear light Shattered mirror kills the fashion trolls Bleeding hearts, dark mystery turns cold The Dragon is old Father Mourning waits for a bride Priest is crying—healing broken minds Look away, no reason to stay Blood deception leads to a craze Pray for mercy-see a passion for Love Hear a weeping dove Forbidden stories beckon new life Electro-monsters stage a new fight Machines are marching into the dawn Romanian Coven is all but gone Dark dirges, a dying dragon
FREAK’S MIND Dark side, something comes for you Midnight, chanting ice cold blue Freak’s mind, another tragedy Inside, something lives in thee The sky is almost grey Century Bats are here to stay Sadness consumes the night Madness bleeds into dark light Call the constable and pray Something crude without a face Mercy me, are they blind? Even Dawn is out of time Even Dawn is out of time
THE EAST CRIES “SON” Frozen ghosts of Siam, the rising of Blue Sun Clean our wounds, heal our wounds A bitter taste of vengeance, The Ruler dies in sin Fear of tomorrow, age old sorrow Aging wartime beatniks, the prison walls are stained Absolution, execution ‘Zombie Race’ is losing, justice takes the night Many fall, many lose The warlords choose surrender; battle inside the mind R/ Hear the East cry “Sun” A new hope has dawned Hear the East cry “Son” Never fail the day A Queen, she brings treasure, crushed a viper’s head Prayer for the lost, never fear the cost Ships are sailing away, madness claims the day Broken minds, fractured souls A new world is waiting, but who will pay the price? R/
Music/Lyrics by Dean Mason of Gnostic Gorilla
CHAOS FRANKENSTEIN Frankenstein is lost in a dream Madness and all that’s obscene Crazy mob with hate in their chants Elder has taken a stand Behold the reign of chaos R/ Moon shadow, Dark and Hollow Innocent one, in the gallows Agents of doom, pirates of gloom Mind’s eye knows, the end is soon “Warlord” has called on the crowd Evil—it comes in so proud Divine vision amidst division Lawmen are not to be seen A prayer for an ailing ‘prophet’ Hear the cry of the broken R/ Pale faces wrapped in deception Day of judgement is minutes away No hope for the willing sadists No peace for those who won’t pray Museum for the culture vultures Freak show for the wealthy and shallow


released November 14, 2018


all rights reserved




"Gnostic Gorilla" grew out of an earlier 'project' called "The Lonely Ghost Project". Since 2012, Dean Mason, of Gnostic Gorilla has been experimenting with electronic music and has released many albums, "St. Basil's Asylum", now on Cleopatra records is the first release for Gnostic Gorilla, Dean Mason's latest project after LGP-ONE ... more

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